METRO Passes

The SIA-NY library is a member of the METRO New York Libraries Council. As a member, our students and faculty can get access to material in libraries usually closed to the public. Below are the steps for requesting METRO passes for such material

1. Is the resource available at another local library that is open to the public such as NYPL, the MoMA library or the Watson library at the Met? If it is, students should consult the material there. To find out what other local libraries hold an item consult

2. Check with an SIA-NY librarian to see if the library that holds the item is also a METRO member. If the library is not a member, the SIA-NY librarians will not be able to issue a METRO pass but we can try to arrange access with the holding library.

3. If the library is a member, send the librarians an email with the name of the library and the following information:


  • title
  • author
  • publisher
  • year of publication
  • library that holds the item


  • title of periodical
  • title of article
  • author of article
  • volume #, issue #, date of article and page #s

4. The SIA-NY librarian will give fill out a METRO pass card for you to take to the holding library.

5. Be sure to consult the holding library's website to confirm their visitor hours.

NOTE: the METRO pass entitles you to consult the item listed on the pass. It does not necesarily grant free access to the holding library and it's resources.